Service Issues!!!


I am having dropped calls, no service, mobile network not available error messages. I have been having issues since FRIDAY, I have been using my phone here in my house for 14years with absolutely no issues. It is not my Note 8 because my work cell phone is on Verizons service and it does not work as well.

CAN someone please tell me what is going on in my area 30291!!! When I leave my house I don't get service until I am 4 miles from my house. That does not make any sense. WHAT is going on. Please do not send me a link to troubleshoot my phone because before finding out my work phone had the same issue I went all the way to factory reset on my personal phone.

I'm not paying all this money for this service to have my calls being dropped every 3 seconds. This is ridiculous, and please don't say you don't see any issues in my area because obviously there is.

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Re: Service Issues!!!

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We know all our customers depend on our service. We never want to be the reason for disappointment. Let's get to the bottom of this. I’ve sent you a private message here in the forum. Please check your inbox at https://community.verizonwireless.com/inbox to discuss further details about your concern.


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