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I signed up the Verizon community just to write this review. I recently upgraded to iPhone 6 and when I placed the order on 09/22/14, representative told me that I will receive $200 towards my iPhone 4s.Moreover She told me not to submit the trade in order online as it will only delay the $200 gift card, I can just go to Verizon store and trade in my iPhone 4s and get $200 gift card immediately after I receive my new phone. I trusted her words and did not submit trade in order online and after receiving my new phone, I went to the store and store denied to give $200 gift card for my iPhone 4s and told me that offer was online and not available in stores and was expired on 10/15.

I have called many times to Verizon customer care and did not see any accountability from their side as I did what I was told by Representative at the time of placing my upgrade order.

All the representative so far I have spoken, just replied "We understand that information given was incorrect but can not do anything as offer has expired".

My experience with Verizon customer care is horrible and very frustrating.



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Re: Review - No Accountability on Verizon Side


I agree some thing happened to me. Report them to the Better Business and to the consumer affairs.