Restoration of my Unlimited High Speed Data Plan, Nationwide Unlimited $168/month


Verizon Wireless made initial offer to restore my Nationwide Unlimited plan with Hotspot ($168.68) with submission of " Inactive Pricing Request # [removed] " by telephone with Verizon representative Tarana in Alabama 9:25 EST on 12-06-2017.

Follow Up call to Verizon Representative, Luther in Indianapolis revealed that 'Data Boost' to allow High Speed Internet until Plan restoration had not been initiated as promised by Tarana hours earlier.

Received Follow up call from Rose, Verizon Supervisor Tech Support Level2 phone [removed] on 12-06-2017 at 11:30PM. I received an acknowledgment that my plan would be restored to original status, Nationwide Unlimited with Hotspot Unlimited High Speed Internet ($168.68) by December 25th, 2017. No further Data Boosts available.

Further Request for another Data Boost to support High Speed Internet data denied by Verizon Representative Amy 12-11-2017 5:49PM, but additional confirmation received that my plan Nationwide Unlimited with Hotspot ($168.68) would be restored December 25, 2017

On 12-26-2017, Three calls made to Verizon wireless *611 regarding lack of Hotspot availability. Hotspot restored and Verizon Representative acknowledged  that original plan, Nationwide Unlimited with High Speed Internet Data ($168.68) HAD BEEN RESTORED.

Began receiving Texts on 01-02-2018 from Verizon 900080004007 stating "number ending in 3754 has used about 90% of its data plan..(your cycle ends on the 25th)...you can move to a larger Data Plan" Why ? My plan has unlimted data???

Trip to Verizon store, Charlotte, NC SouthPark on 1-02-2018 Representative confirmed in store that original plan ($168.68) had been restored . Representative removed my account from " Paperless Billing '.

More phone calls to *611 on 01-03-2018 4:20 PM EST duration approximately 1 hour and store visit to Verizon Store Charlotte NC Tyvola Rd 01-03-2018 reveals that Verizon HAS NOT restored my original plan nor given me any answers or indications for Verizon's lack of service.

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