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My husband and I took advantage of a recent BOGO and added another line as per the offer. Right before we received the phones in the mail I decided I didn't want the extra line after all and began looking for another offer. I found one on the same day the phones were delivered and we took advantage of the second deal. We were helped by an awesome rep over the phone who spent quite a bit of time with us. In cancelling the first deal we created quite a mess for them and ourselves. Problem is that although the box the phones came in was never opened and sent straight back to Verizon the following day and we were told since we were simply exchanging the phones (and within less than a week of the order), there would be no restocking fee. The phones for both offers were exactly the same. We asked if we could just keep those and were told we couldn't (forgotten the reason now), but this is when the restocking charge came up. Assured there would be no restocking fee. It has been a month and a half of headache after headache, boarding nightmare, since our bill was so utterly out of whack and wrong because of the new deal we took. One of several erroneous charges was one stocking fee. Not two for both phones, but one and we were told we wouldn't have to pay it. On the next bill that restocking fee was removed and they charged us a restocking fee for both this time. How can a customer service agent assure us we would not be charged this fee "since it was within 14 days, they are being swapped out for the same phones, not returned,  and because of  the new worry free guarantee" we wouldn't have to worry about that and then have Verizon charge us anyway AND after they removed the one restocking fee?

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Community Manager

Jeny, we understand your concern and we want you to have all the answers you need. Have you gone back to this location regarding the charges?

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