Referral issues


So here is my issue - any help on how to resolve is appreciated!  I have been a customer for the last few years and have enjoyed my service and the customer service I receive from the store location, phone, and chat.  I have a coworker who was trying to decide which company to go with and end her current prepaid service.  I told her that I did receive fairly decent coverage (cell service in our new building is horrible - for all carriers), and because I had just gone into the store to upgrade and there was a great deal going on - she decided to go based on my referral.  She even had to call me from the store to get the referral entered correctly on my end - so I had to get the info from a store employee.  I just checked yesterday and found out the referral was denied.  So began the run-around.  I first chatted on the IM group and received a number to call.  Called this number (866-845-6334) and found out it was no longer in service - WHAT??  ha ha...  Next I called #611 and the CSR was not sure why I was denied and was told to call 888-897-3927.  Called here and was told that I could only talk to them if I was actually issued a card.  Back to #611 - this CSR was able to find out that the reason for denial is because my coworker and I receive a company employee discount.  This CSR rep also said there was nothing they could do and when I asked who could I talk to - she said to email corporate.

So my question is every time I spoke to a CSR or a store employee and was told to make sure I send in my referrals - for what?  What is my incentive?  The employee discount - while nice, is something that is available with other carriers.  So why send my referrals to Verizon?  That is my question.

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