Really Upset With Verizon, Didn't Keep Their Word


I am sorry but I have to vent, I just want to get this out. I've always been told that if you tell someone something, you keep your word, that's what my parent instilled in me. On April 27th, I called and expressed my concerns over a situation I was facing with my phone dying on me, asked about upgrading early. I asked if it would be a problem upgrading to the Razr Maxx HD, because what I had was a Razr Maxx. I'm against refurbished phones, I hate em, and hate the one they currently sent me, the front facing camera doesn't work on it right now. The rep on the 27th checked for me and came back and gave me two options, I could wait till my one year anniversary and then be able to upgrade early to a razr maxx hd, or I could pay the etf fee and come back and get the hd that away. I told the rep I would like to do what was mentioned first, upgrade early, and all this was going through the Loyalty Department.

I asked the rep then if I could take care of the matter inside a corporate store, and the rep agreed that I could. I go to a corporate store, and am not treated well, and I walk out angry, and called back on April 28th, and asked why the trouble with the corporate store, and the guy on the phone checked with a supervisor, and came back and insisted I wait till May 11th, my one year mark and they would let me upgrade to the Hd early, the rep set up a call time, and would call me then.

Will today is May 11th, and I would of never received the call if I hadn't of called. I first talked to a rep named zack, and he couldn't honor the option I was told I could do, but could give me another phone, and I declined, told him the front facing camera wasn't working on the phone I had, I said bye and hung up. I called back thirty minutes later and spoke with AJ now, and had to tell the whole long story again. He goes and checks and comes back and offers me the option of the incredible 4g, or the pantec something, or I could talk to the loyalty department, I chose the loyalty department. I talk with this nice lady, and again have to tell her every event in the past two weeks, and then she checks with her boss about what the rep from April 27th told me, and she comes back and says, "im sorry but my boss can't honor that", said its a little bit of an upgrade from the razr maxx, yes I agree with that but I had a rep named Michael tell me that I could upgrade to the "DROID RAZR MAXX HD!!!!".

I'm very very upset with Verizon right now, I'm not mad at the reps I spoke with, he or she was just doing their jobs, I'm furious with the boss that didn't stand behind what one of his or her employees told a customer they would do. At this point, all this has left a very very bad taste in my mouth.

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