Re: No free phones eh? Your competitors offer them.

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Binarywebs wrote:

Exactly my point.

Here we have a rep. of verizon, within the verizon store, who is telling me they have no free phones.

At no point and time did he ask if I were a customer.

Had he done so, he would have known that i've been a customer for at least 10 years, a customer who always pays his exceptionally large bills, and a customer who was in fact entitled to a free phone.

Neither here nor there now.  The joke--of-a--chat customer service online here on the verizon site was equally idiotic.

Good bye Verizon, enjoying my new, FREE, Sprint smart phone now, with my same ex-verizon telephone number.

  You did what you had to do for yourself, and I hope it works for you. I would be curious to ask though what free phone you got from Sprint?

  You experienced the same thing a lot of people are complaining about, and that is bad salespeople. In these hard economic times, people have to take jobs that they necessarily don't like, and are not good at. Unfortunately, if you are doing a job that you are not good at, and do not want to be doing, that is how you act.

  Of course, on the other side, you might also have salespeople that are tired of hearing from customers that "I want this, that, and another thing, and I want it free because I have been with you for X number of years, and I have always paid my bill on time, and you owe me!! If you don't, I will take my X number of lines to someone else!"

   I'm sure hearing that just makes them want to jump through hoops for people..

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