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Random Tones Heard During Calls

Let me give you the back story... My wife and I have been with Verizon Wireless a few years now and have had 4 different phones on the network (2 a piece). I had a BB Storm and now the iPhone 4.  She had the DroidX and now the iPhone 4s.  On all these phones (except for the Storm), we hear at totally random times a tone that sounds like a key being pressed on the keypad except we have verified it is not a cheek or ear press.

- Happens in all situations. (On anything blu tooth connected, on speaker phone, and when holding up next to face. (not a button being pressed!!!!))

- It isn't a minute timer as it happens at random times.  Like 7 seconds into a conversation or not at all for 40 minutes and then happens for the first time.

- Happens sometimes more than once on a call and sometimes consecutively.

- Sometimes the person we're talking with doesn't hear it.  Sometimes they are the only ones to hear it.  And sometimes we both hear it at the same time.

- It happens to more than one person we call so it isn't a problem on the receiving end.

- It isn't App related as neither of us have Google Voice and we both have different apps on our phones.

We have no idea what it could be and have had a support ticket open with customer support for over a year now with no resolution.  It's really frustrating.  I see around the internet that other folks have had the problem as well but there is never any resolution.  I guess what I'm looking for is if you got the problem to go away, please let me know how or if you have the same problem, please comment as well so I know there are others currently with the problem.

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Re: Random Tones Heard During Calls

I'm am so shocked that I finally found someone who is experiencing the exact same problems with Verizon that I'm having.  Everything you described is happening with me and I can't stand how Verizon acts like this issue isn't real.  I hate the constant interuptions and wish I knew how to stop it.  I'm chalking it up to probably some government agency is randomly tapping peoples phones and recording the conversations.  Seems like Verizon goes out of its way to recognize the issue and pretends it doesnt exist.