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Question about corporate discount.

I am looking at getting the droid on Friday, and I was wondering if what i was told in the store near me is true. 


A rep in my local store told me that new phones arent eligible for the corporate discount until a few weeks after their release, is that true?


Another quick question. is the corporate discount ussually more than the new every 2?


I am only trying to find this out in advance because im looking at either ordering the Motorola droid via phone, or going and pre-ordering it at Best Buy before friday to avoid the mail in rebate. 


I mainly wanted to know if i would get less than the 200$ pricetag on the device with the corporate discount if i could get it.

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Re: Question about corporate discount.
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You can get your employee discount on a phone at launch. That's always been the case. However, employee pricing, even for the biggest of companies, is always more expensive than the 2 year promotional price with rebate. If you have a New Every Two discount that makes it even cheaper.


So normal customer pricing is usually going to be your best bet. Employee discounts really aren't that great when it comes to phones. They only help off the plan access and accessories.