Purchasing a phone on a corporate account for personal (kinda) use?


I have a personal phone that I use at work frequently and was recently damaged on the job and I have a few months left on contract. My boss said I can use one of the corporate upgrades to get a new phone as along as I pay the costs and figure out how to switch into my account. So I am wondering if this is possible?

I was thinking we could order a phone via an available upgrade and when that phone comes in activate it on the line then switch it back to the old phone freeing up the new one to be used on my personal line? Would this be the best way to do that?



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Re: Purchasing a phone on a corporate account for personal (kinda) use?

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If the corporate account has an upgrade your company could order a new phone for any available line that has an upgrade.

You then activate that new phone on the company's line. It has to be on for I think a few days. Then yes if you put the old one back on it will lose the upgrade availability but should work.

However they have to be like devices. Smart phone to smart phone or basic to basic.

It then should be possible to activate the device on your personal account and you will not need to upgrade so you will in effect be out of contract. And if in the future you want to upgrade due to phone breakage etc. There is no wait.

However the company said at no cost to them. An upgraded device is going to cost the company money, and lose the upgrade on the company line you are upgrading. You would have to pay your company those costs after verizon bills them.

Good Luck