Problems w/ Lincolnwood, IL Verizon (Company) Store


Yesterday, I received a whopping bill for $559.23 for one month of Verizon

service. I reviewed the bill and immediately detected several errors made

by the Verizon Store in Lincolnwood, IL when they added my son and

dtr.-in-law to Verizon. For example, instead of putting them on my family

plan, as requested, the store rep. put them on individual plans - resulting

alone in an overcharge of over $200. In addition, they backdated an unltd.

Data plan by one month, resulting in an overcharge of more than $50. I'm

not sure whether the store reps. are compensated partly based on the number

of different accounts they create - otherwise, I have no idea how or why the

rep. made these errors. I called Verizon yesterday and spoke w/ a very

friendly agent - Barbara - after 75 minutes on the phone, the resulting bill

is now $225.43, well over a $300 error made by the Verizon Company store.

We are long-time Verizon customers and shareholders and expect better from

the Company. Thank you.

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