Possibly the worst service and treatment from my favorite provider.


I brought my girlfriend to Verizon and hoped to move my cell phone from my fathers business account to my new account with her.

1 month ago now I made a payment to my fathers account accidently with an ACH debit. The payment processed, has a tracking number and all, I called in to Verizon to ask if they could please move it from his account to my account, then let me know it would be handled, so all good there.

A couple of days goes by, no 150 in my account, I call Verizon toi ask what is the status...I get told it takes 10 days, okay no problem.

Two weeks after the initial call and I get a facebook message, my girlfriends phone has been cut off due to the bill being overdue now, WHAT?

Yes I was a month behind, but I was ensured this would not happen as the payments transferred. Headache at work, so I call and they fill me in with this information:

1) The financial person I spoke with took no notes apparently even after I asked her to make sure and note it.

2) This same person mistakenly tried moving $50 and missed the 1...sound like to problem, wrong.

     2a. $50 got cancelled, oh wait according to Verizon that is a nono, can't be done to cancel a return request and then request again.

     2b. To correct this she makes a request for $100 to fix it. (remember this)

I get told all fees are being waved, all will be fine and wait 10 days it will appear in my account again, I agree and thank the new lady(rep #2).

10 days passes, my bill is still huge, and I see my girlfriend getting notifications, I call verizon the morning of, here comes rep #3.

... $150 was removed from my account in the act of two withdrawls. $50 off of one of my previous payments was MOVED from my account to my fathers, and $100 was moved from another payment to his account FROM mine... say what?!

Okay I can deal with a mistake by now so I explain the situation to the gentleman, he proceeds to talk to me treating me like I am in the wrong, I keep the patience and finally calm down to a stable level and listen to him, he tells me that $150 was moved, and he would get it resolved then moved back to my account. He then tells me that Verizon wireless and all financial employees there know that moving a payment from an account that has any past due amount is not allowed( first i've heard of this). That would hold up nice and proper if they didnt just remove $150 from my account.

So now I called in today, 10-19-15 and spoke with a nice lady that says she is ALSO moving that $150 back to my account that was moved to my fathers, but then proceeds to now tell me that the $150 I originally called about has now all but disappeared, no evidence of it in my fathers account...yet it is still missing from my chase account tracking number and all.

Phone call to JP Morgan coming now, hopefully they won't be so quick to duck out of the simple question, where is my $150, and why do I now owe $650...in 1 month.

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Re: Possibly the worst service and treatment from my favorite provider.


ANDDD no reply...

Called Chase, they forced my money back to my account for me after investigating and finding that my payment actually was in my fathers account. Apparently Verizon did not see that.