Porting old number to new phone?


So I had a prepaid phone with Verizon. Phone got water damage, I ordered a new phone on the Verizon website. The catch seems to be that you have to order a prepaid plan when you purchase the phone. I just wanted to keep my number--is that totally unreasonable these days?

I did the livechat with a Verizon rep who assured me that I should just order the phone with the plan and when it arrives activate it with my old number. Ok, sounds like a piece of cake. When the phone arrives and I attempt to activate it the Verizon rep flat-out refuses. He says I still have two weeks of paid time on the old number (as if I didn't know). I told him I understand I am forfeiting that paid time, still no. He offered me the option of transferring the number and paying *again* when the two weeks were up--in other words, purchasing three prepaid plans in 6 weeks. No thank you.

Is it totally unreasonable to expect to keep your phone number when you're simply switching devices? Why is that so hard?

After yet more disgusting customer service garbage once the phone arrived and didn't even work properly I ended up sending it back. Signed up with FreedomPop today. Verizon is never getting another cent out of me.

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