Poor Service because....


I live in 33426 and visit often 07726. First I thought my Lg v20 was a lemon or a paper weight. Now realize this problem is everywhere. I read a few business inside articles and they report that while VZWs 4g was great from 2011 to 2015 there isn't enough towers for the traffic and we have to wait for the 5g that is currently in production. It will eliminate bandwidth issues and be fast beyond wifi speeds. It will roll out 2020 and became the standard by 2025. Please tell that there is another way! And know more tower will not work!! I hardy have service or LTE in my apartment I do have wifi calling turned on and it work : / What do think about this and Oath (Yahoo, VZW, AOL)? What is in store for the smart phones? What do you think the next three years going to look like? Will VZW remain America's number 1 cell network? It's growing like crazy and having to turn people away in rural (the other thing I've heard a lot about)

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