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Poor Customer Service

I am extremely frustrated with my experience so far with Verizon.  We switched to Verizon back in May as they were offering a buy one get one free promotion.  We bought the phones in store, and the individual who helped us filled out the rebate information and submitted it for us.  Come to find out a month later that the company that provides the rebates had an issue and couldn't read the IMEI number.  They claimed they then sent us a postcard that they needed that information. We did not receive one, we were constantly checking our mail  looking for our rebate and would have seen that.  We then asked at the store and the gentleman we worked with said he would contact Verizon and see what was going on.  Well Verizon kept giving him the run around, until they told him I needed to call in.  I got the same run around for over a month only to find out that too much time had passed and the rebate company would not honor the promotion.  Verizon said they would look into it and see if they could refund us the cost of the phone after a three hour conversation. I was told I would be contacted within a week.  I had to call back in two weeks later to find out they never contacted me and had closed the case.  Basically telling me tough luck.  I am beyond angry that the whole reason I switched companies and paid for these phone was that one would be rebated back.  I call Verizon and they tell me they will help me save money by switching my plan.  How does that help with my phone?  There has to be something Verizon can do. How can I get this matter resolved?  We bought the phones specifically for the promotion, a Verizon employee sold them to us and filled out the rebate information, Verizon drug the whole process out and now I am told too late?  There has to be a solution.

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Re: Poor Customer Service
Customer Support

RANDERSONGIS, my apologies to hear of the issues you're experiencing. We certainly don't want this to be your first impression of our company. I would first recommend reaching out to our Rebate Team directly to review this in more detail: or by phone at: 1-800-457-0864. We apprecaite your business with Verizon Wireless.

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Re: Poor Customer Service

You should put your concerns in writing and use the mailing address in the Contact Us link. Send it certified.

Also, never let anyone fill out any rebate submissions for you again.