Placing Order = Nothing but a PAIN


I've been trying to order a new iPhone 6, but the hurdles are nothing short of endless...

1) I'm on a family plan that my mother manages. So the Verizon website wouldn't let me order a phone for MY number. ( I'm 31! )

2) When my mother gave me the account password, it took an entire evening to order the iPhone because:

  - the website kept erasing my order from cart

  - the website was trying to force me to change to MORE Everything plan

  - the entire process was confusing because there was no explanation about the gift card for trade-in and my ability to upgrade. I was looking if there was another discount since I'm eligible for a new contract and phone but got no help at all.

3) When I finally checked out, I entered my credit card to pay for the phone, but it kept changing the name on the card to my mother. I attempted to correct this multiple times, but it never worked. I figured that since the card number and date was correct it would be fine, but no...

4) Now, I just got an email that my order isn't being processed because of the payment information and name of the account manager, my mother. I called to talk to representative and she wouldn't help me, because I'm not the account manager. Even though I could give her the account password. Even though I know the credit card number that's there to pay for the phone because its MINE!!! I still am getting no help.

5) So I just logged into my family's account and tried adding myself as account manager. It said there would be a confirmation code sent to my phone. I submitted the request 3 times and NEVER got a text with a code.

Now, I'm going to have to figure out how to have this corrected so I receive my order. Whether its that at age 31, I have to pester my mother for help to fix this because your company makes it ridiculously difficult to order a phone while on a family plan, that I have to go to a Verizon store and try to find a human being face to face that will cooperate and actually assist me so, or whatever to have your company actually send me a new iPhone.

What's really absurd about this, is I'm trying to make a purchase and give Verizon business, but this has been nothing but a complete pain.

If anyone knows how I to make sure I can get my new iPhone promptly and without any further problems, I would appreciate it.

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Re: Placing Order = Nothing but a PAIN

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1) Age has nothing to do with it. On a family plan, ONE PERSON is liable for all lines on the plan. If you want to have the authority to make changes to the plan, take over the plan from your mother(or simply your line). You can also have your mother add you as an account manager in order for you to make purchases/changes to the account. Of course any purchases/changes you make would be the financial responsibility of your mother.

5) Normally the password will be sent to the line of the account owner and/or account manager. Since you are neither, the text would not have been sent to your phone, but your mother's phone.

If you want to be in charge of the account, simply go to your nearest Verizon store with your mother to step up and take financial responsibility for the account. Otherwise, your mother will be the final say on matters pertaining to the account.