Phone frequently gets stuck on calling "calling"


I'm using a LG VN250 Cosmos, switched from a VX8350 recently. 

This phone doesn't have EVDO and the PRL is a different version. 

I recently noticed that it will frequently get stuck in "calling..." before timer starts rolling.  Sometimes, it will go for about 90 seconds and "call failed" comes on.   I have this happen even when I have four bars.

i don't recall having this problem with my 8350. 

Anyone else experience this? What can I do to fix it?  I've already done what 611 has got to say...

*228, 2

pull battery and reboot.

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Re: Phone frequently gets stuck on calling "calling"

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PDX_OR, thank you for sharing your concerns about your device. I would certainly like to help with this issue. Normally the steps you tried would resolve issues like this, so we will need to figure out whether this is a network issue or device issue. Do you notice this happening only in certain areas or everywhere you use the device? Did this start right after activating the phone?

Please let me know.



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