Phone Support Fails to Help with Network Data Loss Issue


Can anyone here please help us get somewhere with technical support or network engineering to acknowledge and address this issue described in great detail at: Verizon Wireless Technical Support Fails to Help Fix myvzw Network Data Loss

Sorry to provide a link, but it includes extensive detail and many screenshots explaining the issue we've been having for 3+ weeks now.

Long Story Short: I have spent more than 6 hours on the phone with multiple technical support "supervisors" who fail to understand the Level3 and network backbone hop packet loss that is prohibiting certain users from accessing a specific IP address via their Verizon Wireless devices. (I was once told they were sorry about my "package loss" and another rep promised they'd be happy to help get my "backphone" working.)

FYI: I and a team of network analysts and server managers have identified packet loss as the cause for certain Verizon Wireless customers all over the country being unable to access the server I manage where we host nearly 1000 websites. Verizon Tech Support has closed two tickets telling me "the web page is bad" after I provided traceroute results showing data loss on the network, while I can access hundreds of sites hosted at the IP address...just not via my Verizon MiFi...


Please review my first link above for comprehensive details if you think you can help. A few highlights:

  • VZW customers around the country (including myself at various locations across 4 states) cannot access their website or ours hosted on the same server.
  • No IP blocks on server end
  • Not a problem with the device.
  • Can ping server fine via other networks, but cannot ping it when using Verizon MiFi
  • Problem exists with server at specific IP address, can browse and ping other websites fine
  • mtr from server to multiple differnt VZW user IP addresses indicate serious packet loss on myvzw network and Level3 peer connection...


VZWSupport on Twitter sent me a link for how to use my MiFi and reset the admin password when I sent them details proving it is not the device or the server...


Problem is not with the device nor the server. What security etting could they possibly mean? Could Verizon be blocking or throttling the traffic on their end? I have yet to receive a reply...

Telephone tech support tells me, "reporting the issue again will not help." Thry say, "You need to contact your host." 😕 Please...

Can anyone help, or point me in the right direction for getting this resolved?

Thank you in advance for any feedback!

NOTE to Forum Mods: If I have posted this discussion in the wrong place, please advise and/or feel free to move it. This issue is not device-specific.

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