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Have been a Verizon customer for longer than I can remember. Received text on 6/28 that email had been changed. Changed it back and changed pass code. 1 hour later the same person ordered a new I-Phone and I received e-mail notification. After many hours on phone, no one at Verizon, including fraud dept., would even admit that the order had been placed even when I gave them the order no. When I finally had enough, I called to cancel service, they managed to find the order but would not give me any details about who placed the order, where it was to be shipped or any thing else. For all I know it could be a Verizon employee. If you have a Verizon Account, take my advice and go to another Co. who will watch out for your personal info or at least attempt to prosecute someone who obtains it. I will cancel my service as soon as I obtain phones from another Co. I'll bet Verizon won't attempt to collect early termination fees because then they would have to admit their lack of security. 

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I'll bet they will attempt to collect your Early Termination Fees for your lines, and if you don't go through their fraud team to report a fraudulent line addition, they'll attempt to collect that ETF too.

Verizon Wireless fraud can be reached Monday through Friday at 1 800 483 7200, choose option "5" at the prompt.