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Past call detail


I have a Family Plan, with a total of two numbers – one for me and one for another member of the family.  The billing information shows call detail for every call made in the past (at least for as long as bill information is available) on both phones.


I’ve been told that past bill information can not be changed so that it shows only the total minutes used and does not show the call detail.


Is there a way to do a “fresh start”, so that bills prior to the “fresh start” date would not be available, but billing information going forward would be?


I believe that if I terminated VW and went with another carrier, the billing information from VW would not be available (to anybody, even with the valid user name and password) because the account is “dead”.  Is this correct?


Could something like this be done, even if the “other carrier” I went with was – VW.  In other words, could I terminate my VW account, then immediately start a new VW account, and keep the same two cell phones and numbers on the new account?  If so, would the billing information from the former account be unavailable (to anybody), because that account is no longer ‘live’? If it is possible to do this, how would I go about doing it?


I realize I can change my user ID, password, and set up a billing password, but I’d prefer to accomplish this – if it’s possible – without doing that.  A “fresh start” approach as described above could plausibly be done in conjunction with a change in calling plans. Thanks.

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Re: Past call detail


There's a lot of complexity to what you seem to be asking.   Let me see if I got it right . . .  you're  wanting to conceal any and all traces of prior calls and restart with the same numbers under new accounts.     I guess my short answer would be if you cancel your family plan and start all over all call history from the canceled account is in fact dead and no longer retrievable (at least to my knowledge).   I doubt if you can cancel everything and "restart" everything under a whole new account with all the same phone numbers, passwords, etc.


I would simply give them a call and just ask if all prior records of call history can be dumped, rather than go through all the gynmastics of what you are proposing.   However, that may be the only way to do this . . . start all over.   But once you relinquish a phone number the odds of getting it back are dismal.