PLEASE HELP- Voicemail Screwed Up


I've tried setting up my voicemail many times. People always tell me that when they call me and I don't answer, instead of going to voicemail the recording tells them my number "cannot be completed as dialed" and that they need to "check the number and dial again". Those who call me think my number may have been disabled or doesn't work because of this message but it does. Common sense would tell me I just I need to set up my voicemail but every time I try I am also told that my call "cannot be completed" and needs to be "checked and dialed again". I am really confused by why this is. I have no other problems with my number other than with the voicemail. Calls always come through but callers are always told the same confusing message. I'd really appreciate advice on how to fix this so I can finally be able to use my voicemail!

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Re: PLEASE HELP- Voicemail Screwed Up

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I would suggest calling Verizon and having your voicemail reset.