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On July 1 I called in and had one of my lines suspended, the customer service person I spoke to commited to it being suspended for as long as I wanted without being bill. I call back about five times to make sure it was still suspended without billing and each time the customer service person said it was. I reviewed my bills and I could see that i was still being charged for suspended phone and the full price of my old plan even though I had reduced my plan for single line usage. From the amount on my bills I was over billed at least $250. I have call customer care 3 times since I reviewed my bills for a credit to offset the overcharges and they always say they will get back to me in 24 hours and they never do. I am so disappointed in Verizon Wireless        

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Re: Overcharged


Verizon is a highly corrupt organization that tricks people into thinking they are going to pay less than they will.

You have to go by what other users of Verizon are saying on forums to get an idea of what your actual bill will be. If you go by their advertised plans, or even by what they tell you when you switch online (it starts to creep up there but doesn't stop...) you will be shocked when you recieve a bill that is 50-100% more than you expected regardless of you not going over on data.

I just switch to Verizon in 2015. I will not mention the other carrier to not get bumped off here, but the billing was night and day. I was always paying about $11 more than the advertised price at the other carrier, and I was with them for 4 years.

Verizon should be held accountable for their shady practices. The problem is a 64m class action suit is nothing for them and they still come out waaaayyyyy ahead.

Its a cruel world run by jerks. Sorry.