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Outbound Caller ID with Name needs to be supported by VZW, like YESTERDAY

After doing a lot of research, I have determined that Verizon Wireless is the only company that does not provide support to outbound caller id name display.  One of the biggest concerns is that for customers switching from ATT, Sprint, and T-Mobile, no longer have their name and numbers displayed on the receiveing partys landline caller id when switching over to Verizon.  This is not that difficult to fix.  I have been in contact with Verzion's support and development team about 6 months ago.  Last I spoke to them they informed me that they are aware of the situation and they claimed,

"We are unable to provide an ETA, but are working to improve our network so we can potentially be able to support features such as outbound caller id with name display."


My Question is, Why can't Verizon do this?  If T-Mobile can do it, ANYONE CAN!! :smileyvery-happy:

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