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So I opened an account with Verizon earlier this month; did everything online, ordered my phone, etc. I got a call from the Fraud Dept. that I needed to verify my order, which I did, and all was fine. I received my phone the next week. On the 22nd, I placed an order for Air Pods, verified it, and received those as well.

A few days ago, I placed an order for 2 smartphones, paid the down payment, and last night I get an email that I need to verify the order which is fine. I called the Fraud Dept. and, after a few minutes, the representative tells me I have to send in several proofs of ID and that my account should have never been opened at all???? I have 7 days to send these documents to them or my service will be disconnected and account cancelled.

Has anyone else had this problem? And why did I have no issues with opening the account and placing an order but now I'm being told this?

I sent the information they asked for, it was all simple stuff, and now I'm waiting to hear back to make sure there are no more issues.

The representative was a little aggressive about it too, like this is my fault.

Anyway, any information would be helpful.


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Re: Order/Account Question

Verizon Employee


We're glad to have you in the Verizon family. I'm sorry to hear you had such issues with this account. I'd be concerned to hear that the account might be cancelled after everything was already set up and ready to go as well. We're here to help figure this out though and make sure you don't have any issue. I've sent you a private message. Please reply when you're able so we can fully assist you.


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