No Service in Tucson since Monday

I have not had service in Tucson since Monday.    Been calling daily and was told each time that service should be back up within a couple hours.

This morning I was told Verizon tech support ordered a 'part' for one of the Verizon towers.

No detail was provided as to what time frame the part was to be delivered (overnight or two weeks!).    Talked to one Verizon agent in tech support by the name of Shari that was extremely rude.

I use my cell for work and do not have long distance on my home phone and my customers all have my cell number.   Was told text messages would be listed in My Verizon yet I see the last message listed as Sunday (and know I have been getting text messages sent to my number all week).

Very poor service overall and I feel like a idiot to have my work dependent on Verizon.    It would be helpful to hear some idea of when part is expected and

feel Verizon is placing very low priority (which may be fine yet I would like to hear realistic expectations).

Glad to have the opportunity to vent my thoughts (since my dog is tired of my ranting).

Any status on expected time frame for part delivery (knowing that does not assure problem with be fixed) would be helpful.

Don in Tucson

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