No 3G in 48763 for 24 hours now.


I have 4 phones on my account and all have been in 1X for around 24 hours now. I have called in to CS and I am not receiving any sort of reason why this is happening. I have done Master resets on all 4 phones and it doesn't help at all. Can we please figure out why this is happening??? I pay way to much money to be out of the 3G we have always had in the area. I am told to get a network extender but I do not have high speed internet or the 250 dollars to purchase one. Plus it would only help in and around my home. In Tawas City,MI 48763

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Re: No 3G in 48763 for 24 hours now.

Customer Support


Good evening! I would like to help with your service concerns. If this is still a continuing issue for you and other other devices in your home, I would like to investigate the area to see what has changed. Nothing has been reported recently from other customers in Tawas City, MI. Please direct message me (AdamE_VZW) so I can look further into this.

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