No 3G Service


I have been having a problem with my iPhone 4 since Sunday night not pulling a 3G signal in my own home where I normally have full 3G service inside and out. I can be outside in my own garage and pull a full signal, since Sunday night nothing. My phone also barely connects to my Wifi internet in which the router is in the same room that I spend most of my time and it won't even find my wireless router at work (which it always has in the past) I have contacted Customer Support, they can't figure out what to do with it. We have tried resetting the network, turning it on and off and along with them trying to reconnect on their end.

Now with the amount I pay a month, I would expect my phone to work. But what do I get from Customer Support "Here, spend $250 and get a booster for in your house". I refuse to spend that on a booster when my phone worked fully the night before in my own home. Then I was told, "well it could be cause AT&T shut down some older towers and we have no time table to get our towers updated."

So I am stuck with a phone that spends 99.5% of the time on "o" for signal? My battery was fully charged this morning when I left for work, by the time I got to work 45 minutes later, I was down to 50% battery life. In the past I'm lucky to be down to 50% by 11:00 at night.

I am not impressed with Verizon's customer service nor their service coverage lately. I'm thinking it may be time to switch to someone else.

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