New unadvertised Smartphone plan for basic phone upgrades.

I got a flier in the mail from VZW advertising a "exclusive unadvertised plan" for basic phone users to upgrade to a smart phone. From what I see in the details, its a non-shared plan for $60/month, unlimited talk, txt, and 2gb of data. Must be upgrading from a basic phone to a smart phone. Also have not upgraded in past 180days. The regular $350 termination fees, and $30 upgrade fees apply. $10 per gig after the first 2gb.

Honestly, I can see them having to do this because they are getting slapped around by Walmart and their $35/month basic phone plans, and their $50 smartphone plans prepaid plans.  I am not sure if I will do this upgrade because I think that sometime down the road VZW will make me toss it and force me up to the $100/month "share your wallet plans". SEE VZW, this is the mindset customers get when you force them to change their plans when they upgrade!

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