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New phone activation & number swap

I moved to Florida and have a business in Indiana.  My mobile number is my business number in Indiana, so we bought a new phone (not from Verizon) and added that phone to our plan today.  We then swapped my (business) number from my mobile device to the new mobile in Indiana and in turn, I was assigned the new number.  It seems all went as planned in Indiana because my number transferred to the business office phone and is operational.  Back in Florida - not so  much.  A Verizon chat representative handled the transaction, per his instruction, I powered down my Google Pixel XL while he migrated the numbers, problem is I literally have not even been able to turn my phone back on since he told me to power it down - zip, nada, nothing. 

In order to transfer the representative had to have my phone ID & SIM card #; so my question is this, is it possible that something was done to my SIM remotely that is making my mobile in-operable?  Thank you in advance!

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Re: New phone activation & number swap
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We certainly want your number swap and new phone activation to go through without any issues. To ensure I'm updated, which number is not working? Is it the new number that was added today or the one that was swapped into the new device? Please share more details to better assist.


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