New customer, screwed on day one.


I purchased a phone and plan online 2 days ago. During the course of my purchase, I used the chat function to make sure that I understood the terms and complications involved in porting my number from another carrier. I was told that it would be 2 days before my phone arrived, and also 2 days to activate my plan. That made sense since I could transfer my plan when the new phone arrives. So 2 days later my phone arrives and I take it to the store to have it activated and my contacts transfered from my old phone. I am then told that they cannot activate my phone until next week because of a system glitch. And the girl at the counter says that happens a lot, and that what I was told during the chat when I purchased the plan was essentially untrue. I spent a while getting put on hold and transferred around. No resolution. What kind of a first impression with a new carrier is that? I was fed misinformation and my issue could not be corrected on the timeline I was quoted. Thats a pretty poor way to treat a brand new customer.

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