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There is the new Blackberry Flip 8230 coming out.  I checked the specs on the Blackberry website and the model for TMobile has WiFi capability.  The Verizon version does not.  **bleep**.  I realize VZW wants to be able to charge you for data usage, but if you have the unlimited data plan, what difference would it make to them?  I would just want to be able to connect to a much faster network when available.  I know the iphone does it, and probably other phones as well. 
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Re: New Blackberry WiFi


Hello and welcome!   Well it's true that Verizon has not been very WiFi friendly and they've taken a ton of hits over this one issue alone.   Personally, I don't see what's so conveneint about having to go find a coffee spot or airport or wherever to conduct my communications.   Yes, on the WiFi there are no broadband web use charges being incurred and yes it is "usually" (but not always) a faster connection.


I've always found Verizon's 3G to be pretty fast and not very far behind in terms of speed with WiFi.   Another significant drawback to a steady diet of WiFi use is battery drain.   It will definitely drain your battery a LOT faster so you have to really weigh if that extra bump in speed is going to be worth making your phone a "paperweight" before the day is over.    Finally, there are the security issues.   On WiFi you are indeed more vulnerable to intrussions and I doubt if most people realize just how much this is true.


However, there seems to be a light of good news in that several leaks from Verizon seem to be pointing out that they are going to be opening up to more WiFi than before.   The upcoming Storm II is supposed to have WiFi as will a few other upcoming models so for all the WiFi fans . . . things are slowly swinging your way.  :smileyhappy:






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