Never take a Verizon offer over the phone.


Fall of 2016 I purchased a galaxy note.  A month later I get a recall notice regarding the exploding battery, so I returned per the directions and bought a cheaper phone.  Around a month later (Christmas 2016), A Verizon rep called and said that Samsung was sorry for the trouble they caused and wanted to offer me an S7 for $10 a month, plus some VR glasses and a credit.  The only catch was that I had to pay off my new phone and use the S7.

Thinking this was too good to be true, I got the persons info and called Verizon sales, who assured me the offer was legit.  I called the person back and accepted the offer.  I asked for something via email or in writing, but they assured me it would all be taken care via a bill credit.  A month after I got the S7 I got a bill, with no credit.  I called and was told it would be 3 months before it would show up.  So three month later I did not get a credit, so I called and they gave me a credit, but it was $10/month short.  I called and they apologized and said they would take care of it.  Next month called again, same answer.

Got tired of trying till October, so I went on a chat (could not get through on the phone).  On the chat for 30 min or more, was told that the promotion was different based on the phone.  Mind you I was not told that when I accepted the offer, and said as much.  Asked for a supervisor and the chat was dropped.  I was to angry to try again, so I waited till today to give it another try.  After 30 min or so, the new chat person finally understood the problem, but could not help me, so I asked for a supervisor.  Got dropped from the chat. 

Tried a new chat and had to go through the whole mess again, with this agent totally missing the issue.  Then after close to an hour she figures out the promotion, tells me I was told about this before, and there is nothing that can be done.  After asking for a supervisor I was offered a $50 one time credit.  I explained it was a principle matter, and that I did not need the $50, I wanted the bill to reflect what I agreed to.  They recorded my agreement, so they should be able to figure it out.  Asked for a supervisor again, and was dropped again. 

To say I am frustrated with Verizon is an understatement. 

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