Network Outage in Columbus, GA


There is a full blown celluar outage in Columbus, GA. We are unable to make any calls. This has been on-going since about 9a. I am now able to send and receive text messages. No one at VZW customer service seems to be aware of this outage or have an ETA of when it will be resolved, but if you visit and outage website there are dozens of complaints. Can anyone help or give any info???

Re: Network Outage in Columbus, GA

Community Manager
Community Manager

Your support is here Tia0521. We want you to stay connected! I apologize for the trouble you are having. Let's gather details that will help us. Please share your zip code and nearest intersection for the trouble. Have you been at the same location since the issue began or has it followed you 5 miles or more? BobbyN_VZW