Need Real Person - Work Number Switched After Move; Now Is Not Working


I paid my bill August 8th and have not been able to place or recieve a call. I needed my work phone number switched from a different states area code to the new one I am in. And here it is 9/4/19 and I still cannot get it fixed after calling daily to get this fixed (and sometimes getting lucky enough that the automated phone system, "APS" would let me through to a real person) but no one could ever fix my issue. Still cant use the phone it is a paperweight and they dont even know how to fix it. I been requesting a call all morning. No calls. And when you press zero to speak to a real person now it says "sorry i didnt catch that try again or press 9 to go back..." they make it impossible and pretty much stole my money. Nobody can fix my issue in technical support I have tried plenty of times. and yes "i HaVe tRiEd TuRnInG iT oN aNd OfF"