Mobile app stated inaccurate info for device suspension billing, got stonewalled by chat manager


I recently suspended a stolen device (which was replaced with another contracted device) on the account through the Verizon mobile app (on Android), and the screens simply said "Lost or Stolen Device Suspension" then I chose "Stop billing me, even though it will extend my contract and upgrade eligibility dates", but then I still got charged for the "device" fee, which related to its contract (which subsidized the device I guess). The contract ends Sep '16, so still a lot more money to go on this phone (thankfully not mine specifically).

I understand now how the exact suspension and billing process works, but I was told by two Verizon reps (one over phone support, another over his Verizon work phone at a store where the phone user went to) that there would be no charge for the stolen phone if we suspended it (at least for a 3 month period, then we had to suspend it again which would last another 3 months, then we had to cancel the line and/or phone).

So, most importantly, the mobile app only said "Device Suspension" (nothing about "line") and only "Stop billing me" in relation to my bill; nothing about line charges or device charges, just general statement which to me meant "for the whole device and all charges related to it". When I talked to chat, they just explained how the suspension worked and referenced terms that were in the website pages but not the mobile app. Nothing I said got them to understand that the app misrepresented what would be billed, and their manager stonewalled me saying he wouldn't even credit this month's charge for the device.

What is going on? I've never had Verizon flat-out refuse to acknowledge a mistake in their verbiage like this then refuse to offer any credit or compensation for the mistake. Sure, I could have gone and researched everything I could, which could have taken hours and been even slightly misunderstood, but this just flat out implied I would not get billed for anything related to the device. When I asked the manager to define "device" in that context, he just said "only the device", which contradicts what I got billed for! It said "Device" in the mobile app in relation to "Stop billing me", but he would not put two and two together that it either meant "just the device" or "both the device and the line".

I'm incredulous; he said I had to call the regional manager to even try to get credited for this month's device charge; it's pretty ridiculous that we have to now deal with a monthly charge that the app said would stop because Verizon won't accept their misrepresentation in the app. I couldn't have looked for an alternative if I was told this was what I was supposed to do and would not be billed by three different sources! I have screenshots and can prove that the device did not specify anything about line charges only in contradiction to what the chat rep and manager were telling me.

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