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Misled by Verizon - and then Best Buy

My story:

So, I'm on an unlimited plan that is still grandfathered, like every other person who is struggling over here on Verizon's not-so-green hills. I wanted to get an HTC one, but at a reduced price. I contacted Verizon customer service through the LivePerson chat, and asked them that if I went to Best Buy and partook in their current running deal on the HTC One ($49.99 subsidized with a new 2-year contract), and added that as a new line, if I could switch  my current device with the new device, and then cancel the new line and paying the ETF. I was completely happy to pay the ETF along with the cost of a new device and the cost of a month's worth of service, as it would have saved me a couple hundred dollars. Two Verizon support employees (Forgot the first one's name, but another one was named "Shy") said that this is true, and that I would incur no other fees beyond the cost of the device at contract signing and the ETF.

I went to Best Buy, and then asked the "Mobile Lead" if he could do this for me. He stated that this happens often and it wouldn't be a problem, so I sat down and around 20 minutes later I had a shiny new HTC One (I have been using a refurbished Droid Razr Maxx for over a year now, it is a brick on its last legs). I was told that I would need to call Verizon customer support in order to cancel my line, and the ETF would be applied to my account balance during the next billing cycle. No biggie, this is what I wanted.

I went home, elated - until I called Verizon support. They refused to cancel the service on the new plan, unless I took the phone back to Best Buy. They also stated that even if they did cancel the service, that I would be forced to pay an "Upgrade fee equivalent of the full retail price of the phone ($599)", along with the ETF fee of cancelling the new line ($350). I am not perfect, and I ended up losing my shit over the phone, but I would say it is reasonable considering the fact that at this point I would be paying $1000 for a new device that costs $599, all due to the fact that two of Verizon's support employees as well as Best Buy's "Mobile Lead" apparently "didn't know what they were talking about" according to the techs talking to me about cancelling the service.

When I asked them if there are any alternatives, both the associate I was speaking to on the phone and his supervisor said "You can switch services, there are other carriers who have unlimited". I've never EVER dealt with such nonsense - are Verizon employees just wanting customers to leave? It would be one thing to tell me the benefits to buying an unsubsidized phone, or giving me reasoning as to why my $350 ETF fee doesn't cover the cost of the subsidy anyways (that is what it's for...), but instead I have to deal with them telling me to basically leave Verizon if I want good service? What the hell?

Needless to say, I then went back to Best Buy and spent two hours getting my phone service switched back to my old device, my line cancelled, and the HTC One refunded. I have never been so pissed off in my life, dealing with customer service.

Only a few more months left on my contract - Verizon seems to not want my service anyways.

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