Miscommunication at its finest.....


A few weeks ago, Verizon announced they were changing their plans once again. The new change would eliminate the option to upgrade to a new phone using their 2 year plan.  At that time, I had 4 lines eligible to use the 2 year upgrade option.

The following Monday, I would visit a Verizon store to inquire if this announcement was true. I had two managers confirm yes the 2 year upgrade option was going away and everyone would have to basically buy their phones outright or finance them.

With this in mind, I decided to upgrade two lines. By the time everything was done it cost about $800, which I had not planned on spending.  A few days later Verizon launches it latest and supposedly greatest plan yet.

Out of curiosity, I log into my account to see if my upgrades were still there for my other two lines. Low and behold they were still there. I was furious to say the least. I called the Verizon store that assisted me and could not get a manager to return any of my calls. Now I am beginning to believe they lied to me to get the sale or were ill informed about the latest changes within their company.

To this day, I still have not received a returned phone call. I have filed three complaints and still no one has called to discuss with me. Just terrible 😞

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Re: Miscommunication at its finest.....

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Current customers who are out of contract can still upgrade via contract.  It does cost more to do so versus a device payment plan, but the option is there to do so.  Verizon IS pushing the DPP and new plans obviously since they want to move away from contracts.