Mastercard gift card is a scam


We ported 5 phone numbers from AT&T to Verison Nov 2019. We purchased from Verizon store in Bridgewater NJ. The store rep sold us a scheme saying we will get 1 master card gift card worth $200 with each number we ported to Verizon.

It has been more than 3 months, we never got any gift cards.

We called customer care a couple of times. They say they cannot do anything as that scheme has apparently  expired.

So basically Verizon store in Bridgewater NJ took us for a ride and told lies just to sell phones. Shame on Verizon.


Re: Mastercard gift card is a scam

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Did you do anything after? You don't get those cards automatically, you have to apply for them online within a time frame of opening up your account.