Looking for official Verizon Support help.


To whom this concerns,

I have several questions concerning my bill. My wife, and I, have tried phone support, online chat support, and in-store support over the last few months, but have been unsuccessful in solving the main problem.

I have no interest in wasting time on the phone, or driving to the store, and much prefer to just email back and forth at this point. Besides, I would love a text record of the discussion.

We are very close to leaving Verizon for another carrier, but we are long time Verizon customers and would rather not. This is the last attempt at resolving this issue before pulling the trigger on AT&T's offer.

Please P.M. me, or email me at the email you have on record for me, so we can get the ball rolling.

Thank you for your time.

*P.S. If anyone happens to have the email for verizon support, please post and I'll use that. Thank you.

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Re: Looking for official Verizon Support help.

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This is a peer to peer forum (customers helping other customers) and not "official" Verizon support.And there is no email for support.

You said you had no luck resolving things in person or over the phone - I'm not sure email would provide anything more than the direct contact you've already had.