Looking for a customer service email address


I have an S5 and after a number of replacement Sim cards and a doing a replace phone I am still having issues keeping phone calls and people hearing me while I'm in a call. I have only had this phone since February! I am very frustrated with Verizon and Samsung! I am looking for an email to talk with someone directly to get my issue resolved but everything customer service related is phone numbers and seeing as I can't keep a phone call that is just not an option to resolve my issue.

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Re: Looking for a customer service email address

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Community Manager

It's alarming to see you have had som any issues with that S5. We definitely want to make sure everything is working properly for you. While we do not have an email departmment we do have other options to contact us. You may reach us through customer service, our online chat, or through social media (Facebook & Twitter). This link here will direct you how: http://vz.to/1duYot2

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