Live chat open hours


Is live chat available 24 hrs? If not then what hours are they available?

I have been trying to use live chat but it just says "all the reps are current busy and that i will not lose my turn as long i dont close the chat window" so i waited and waited tried a couple more times but no replies. Should i have waited longer?  Or do they go by the same hours as the customer service by phone?  If they do have operating hours then they should at least have an automated message saying that live chat is not available at this time. That live chat is avail from what time to what time. Then we wouldnt have to wait and wait wasting our time for hrs when no one will be answering

Re: Live chat open hours


At least you get that, I get this then nothing for over an hour:

Thanks for contacting the Verizon Wireless Chat Team. One of our skilled Chat Representatives will be with you in a moment.