Little to no LTE connection inside Disneyland


I just recently switched to Verizon from Sprint. I can't complain much about the service except when I'm inside Disneyland. I was waiting outside in a line for a ride and decided to surf the web to kill time but the data was so slow! My phone showed 2-3 bars of LTE but I couldn't load any webpages on my iPhone 6. When I ran the Speedtest app, the results are very disappointing at 1 mbps for download and .59 mbps for upload. Please note that I was outdoors and this perhaps could be attributed to many people being on the network at once. What does Verizon plan to do to increase the data capacity so traffic on the LTE network does not come to a crawl? Seems like the data service is great when not a lot of people are on it but when a lot of people use it, the network capacity can't handle the demand.

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