Lied to by 4 different customer service reps! Hours lost! Still out my $145!


How is it that a company of this size cannot simply refund money that they admittedly overcharged, and pulled out of my checking account via auto pay?  It's been about a month; and after 4 different people all said they submitted the proper forms to "finance" to have my money put back into my checking account, all that was ever completed was an account credit towards the next months' bill.  Excuse me?  That is $145 of MY MONEY that Verizon had no right to debit from my account.  And the last customer service rep I talked with yesterday actually advised me to contact my bank and tell them it was a FRAUDULENT charge so I can get my money back today!?  Unbelievable.  I have worked for a bank for over 15 years; this is not only NOT how this works, but flat out illegal.  So, over a month has passed since the original $145 was taken out; and no resolution. At this point, I just need to get out of this deal; I owe $600 on it - I want Verizon to take the iPhone 6 Plus back at FULL VALUE and buy me out.  Let's part ways. 

I was a T-mobile customer for 12 years.  I should have never left.

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