Letter to Verizon Wireless 09/21/2015


Letter to Verizon Wireless


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To Whom it may concern,

Recently I had no choice but to buy internet service from Verizon from a sweet young woman in Tyler, TX. She assured me that The Jetpack would suit all my needs since I write and do a lot of surfing of the internet.

The 14 days was great, and was without any problems then BINGO the 14 trial days were up and my little jetpack started eating data with a voracious appetite. Since I purchased the little device I have had to change my data plan 2 to 3 and maybe 4 times a week. Otherwise, my overage of dat would have put me in the poor house. And, it almost has succeeded. This last week my bill rose to $600+ and the week wasn’t finished with that amount when I had to get more! WOW!

Sadly, after many years of using Verizon as my cell phone carrier and now my data manufacturer, I am looking for alternative providers.

The $600+ and other numerous costing boosts is “highway robbery” in my fixed income opinion and have considered reporting Verizon to the proper government authorities (not sure which one, yet) but felt Verizon is doing their clients wrong and over charging the unsuspecting jetpack users by not being honest about the devices data appetite when selling them despite the problem. I know it probably says this in the tiny fine print on the contract which I never signed and Verizon will protect itself from people who need to break a contract because their purse will soon take them to the debtors courts.

Well, it has been nice, awhile ago, doing business with Verizon.



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Re: Letter to Verizon Wireless 09/21/2015

Community Manager
Community Manager


We regret to learn about this unpleasant experience you had with us. We understand the importance of making sure your data usage is accurate. We are here to help. We have sent you a private message to further address these concerns.

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