LG G Pad x8.3 vk815 will not hold charge.


I have a LG G Pad x8.3 part number VK815. It seems to charge painfully slow and sometimes a message pops up saying the phone will charge slow unless I use the supplied OEM charger which is the one I do use. It also seems to lose charge pretty quickly with usage. Even when the charger is plugged in it will lose charge if I am using it for example to stream video. I have tried using the charger from my phone which is a Samsung fast adaptive charger but that seems to charge it even slower. Any one else with this tablet or experience? it is out of warranty. I am thinking about having the battery replaced. I have done both a hard reset and a factory reset and neither did anything to help. after the factory reset I only loaded a 6 aps back on it. Currently it is at 42% battery and says it will be fully charged in 4hrs11min and that's in airplane mode.

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