Is this how Verizon rewards loyalty?

September 12, 2014 – Verizon sends me an unsolicited email that says in part: “Your continued loyalty inspires us to deliver more . . . .  Not quite ready to upgrade? No problem.  Keep your current phone and we’ll lower your bill by $10 every month until you’re ready to upgrade or renew your service agreement.”   (My two-year contract ended over a year ago.)

October 4, 2014 – I talk with J in Ohio and he confirms that he has implemented the $10 reduction in my monthly bill and with no termination period.

October 20, 2014 – I get my next bill and then look at My Account. No change in my monthly cost after all.  I talk with A in Washington State who tells me I’m not eligible for the $10 reduction. I explain that it was Verizon that offered it in an unsolicited email to me and that J in Ohio confirmed on the phone that he had implemented it, and in contract law we consider that a contract. Wasn’t anyone even going to contact me? Apparently not.  I explain I’m about to travel overseas to lead a seminar for the heads of law firms throughout Europe and will deal with this upon my return.

November 24, 2014 – I talk with J in Washington State. He says he doesn’t have a copy of the September 12 email Verizon had sent to me but he can move me to a loyalty plan at $50 a month.  I ask if this will result in a new termination date, etc., and he says no, I can terminate at any time, so I say go ahead.  I subsequently receive an email confirming I’ve been moved to the so-called loyalty plan.

November 26, 2014 – I receive an email from Verizon telling me a letter confirming my loyalty plan is available at My Account on line.  I find the letter, incredibly dated tomorrow (November 27) and incredibly it says at one point the contract is month to month but elsewhere it says it’s a one-year contract with a one-year termination fee of $175.

November 26, 2014 – I speak with C in Colorado. She can’t find the November 27 letter nor the September 12 email, puts me on hold to speak with a manager, comes back and while she is talking she disconnects me. I then speak with M in Washington State. He pulls up the file, does research on the rules for the so-called loyalty plan, tells me it is in fact subject to a one-year requirement, but that if I want he can reinstate my original plan which isn't subject to any termination fees or other requirements.  Time will tell whether this is the case.

This is an example of a large company that doesn’t seem to know what it is doing, and worse, no one in management seems to notice or care.  And this comes from someone who has been a managing partner at one of the largest law firms in the country, chaired a worldwide association of lawyers, and now teaches law.  If this is what happens to me, what in the world is Verizon doing to its other customers?

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Re: Is this how Verizon rewards loyalty?

Is this how Verizon rewards loyalty?

RoadWarrior 200  in a word Yes.

My Parents died on October 11-12 of this year.  At the time, the account was held as the primary by my Mother.  I knew that I would have to assume liability for it and was not concerned with doing that.  Why, I'm fed up with them is because my two year contract is up in December and since we had been with Verizon since they purchased Alltel thought that I would have no problem with making changes and upgrading my phone all at the same time so as to reduce hassle.  At the time, I was even willing to pay the Edge fee and do the upgrade but it was not even a consideration.  Now that that I'm less than 25 days from being able to terminate my line, it is an option.  I contacted them this morning; 11/27/2014 because the phone I want will be $99.00 (Droid Turbo) on Black Friday.  The plan had been to upgrade my phone, switch my current smartphone to a basic account and that would increase my that line by 10.00 a month over the life of the account. 

So Verizon announced that they would buy Alltel in 2008.  So that's 6 years not including our contract with Alltel.  Regular upgraded my phones and paid the upgrade price never had a problem.  Even did it 3 months early before.  Wanted to do it this time (as to maximize my turn in value on my iPhone 5S). Not allowed.  Edge? Not an option.  Less than 25 days to termination.  Oh we will let you upgrade on Edge now.  Ah no.  Sell it to me at the 99.00 Black Friday price?  No.  Interested in retaining a loyal customer. Evidently not.  Be lied to in customer chat and have to logs to prove it?  Yes.

Oh BTW, when I logged in to setup up this account to reply to this, I got the same Loyalty Reward offer that you wrote about.

Call me fedUpWithVerizon2014 cause they sure don't call me a Loyal Customer.