Internet out, bad cable connection. ONT lights flickering/clicking.


The ONT indicator lights are clicking on and off at random intervals. I recorded a video, I don’t think they normally do this. 

We had no cable but internet was fine, we called a technician and he instructed us to hold the alarm silence button and unplug the power connectors for the ONT and then re-connect. After we did that the cable TV came back on but the internet was no longer working. 

I also tried restarting my router. The light with a globe next to it doesn’t light up at all but the (network?) indicator light on the bottom is pulsing on and off like it usually does. 

Our cable tv is on a shotty connection as well, it plays mostly normally but every 10-20 seconds the picture distorts a little and the audio cuts out for about a second. 

We we have a technician coming tomorrow but I’m wondering if there is any additional troubleshooting/fixes I can try. 


Re: Internet out, bad cable connection. ONT lights flickering/clicking.

Customer Support

Hello Haydhn,


I apologize for the frustration you're experiencing and for the service issues with your cable TV and having a bad cable connection. These additional details are certainly explaining the trouble you're having, and I would feel just like you if this issue happened to me. Let me direct you over to the proper area for assistance. We have FIOS service area that deals with these issues and can help with your question. Here a link to reach out for assistance https://www.facebook.com/Fios/ . If you need any assistance with your mobile phone service, please feel free to share these questions with me.