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I am studying in Argentina currently and my friend is abroad in Europe. I have a verizon wireless cell phone and before I left the United States, I bought a global phone with capabilities to work in Argentina. My friend in Europe has a landline phone where he is staying and bought an international phone card that means he can call from anywhere in the world and it's prepaid. He has been calling his family in the United states with the phone card and his family has not been charged to receive the call. He wants to call my cell phone while I am here so that we can talk, because he doesn't have skype capabilities where he is at. My question is will I be charged to receive his call on my global phone while I am in Argentina? He will use the international phone card, meaning the call will be paid for, but my concern is I don't want to end up with a huge bill because I was charged to receive an incoming call with my phone simply because it is located in Argentina even if the call is paid for.



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Hello skornatz! I hope you're enjoying your time in Argentina. Yes, in order for you to speak with your friend, there will be some charges on your phone bill. I recommend that you have a look at the costs with this tool.

When you get the to the page, click on "Plan a Trip" and provide answers to the questions of what country you're in and what kind of phone you have.

Dion M.
VZW Support
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