I was supposed to get $400 in the form of 2 Visa gift Cards for adding 2 new lines to my account This was months ago and haven't heard a word since?


Many things are off as far as what was said when I started my 5 line business account and what is truly happening now that it is a done deal.   As far as my bill is concerned the per line charge is different and they are charging me $10 each line more than what was promised and additional charges I have no idea what they are for as well.  The Sales person who was happy to help me at first as far as buying products and adding lines...et has all of a sudden dropped off of the face of the earth now that I am having non-stop trouble with my new account that he so graciously set up for me.  I am seeking information on the $200 each line Visa Gift cards that I was promised at the time of opening this account.  This was on 9/21/19 and I haven't heard a word since, no emails nothing?