I was charged 240$ of international roaming plan I never used, anyone else experience this?


Beware of signing up for the global data roaming plan!

i Had signed up for the 30$/month addition of global data roaming for a recent trip to Europe.  Upon returning I went online to remove the addition to my plan, and recieved a message "unable to process at this time".  I tried the next day, same error message.  I called verizon and was told that they would remove it after the current billing cycle.  That was Febuary. 

My  account is on auto pay and I just realized I have been paying this fee for 6 months since I've been back in the States.  I called verizon, explained the situation, requested a credit of the 6 months I was charged for this plan while I was back in the States, and they said no way.  I've been a customer for over 10 years.  They clearly see when I was out of the country and when I returned.  They realize I was not using the service, and they did not accrue any costs due to me having this unused service.  But due to their corporate handbook, they cannot credit me back.  If one of my customers accidentally paid for a service I did not perform, I would have no problem crediting them back, especially if they've been an outstanding client for 10 YEARS!

Horrible customer service.  So I'm voting with my pocketbook.  myself, my family, and my 6 employees are switching over to AT&T after years of loyal service.

Too bad, I liked verizon service but if they won't talk to me and work reasonably with me, screw 'em!

anyone else experience this confusion and extra months billing with the global data plans?


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Re: I was charged 240$ of international roaming plan I never used, anyone else experience this?

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Adam -

Your loyalty is appreciated. It's important to us that you stay as a satisfied customer. Please send me a direct message so I can review this in more detail and better assist.
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